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Why You Don’t Get Guest Bloggers

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Guest blogging is a popular way of getting other writers to write articles on your website. Every site owner is dreaming to have a good list of guest bloggers on his list. The main reason for this is that it helps advertise your website due to the exposure and credibility you get from a blog posts especially the article is written by a top writer. This is why more and more bloggers as well as online entrepreneurs are into it. Although guest blogging remains to be a good strategy, some people do not get this privilege due to some reasons. Among these is the simple fact that they do not get quality writers to write for them. This is because they are doing the wrong way of asking guest writers to write articles for their website. Here are some of the common reasons why you can’t get guest bloggers to write for you.

  • Your Contents are Crap – I’m sorry to say this but this is something you need to know right now before it’s too late. Investing on a website means that you need to invest on quality contents. One of the main reasons why you are not attracting other writers to write on your website is because of your poor quality articles. Most of the top writers on the Internet are looking for websites that carry quality contents only. Of course they are selective on the kind of website they’ll be posting their written ideas. In case you are among the bloggers or online entrepreneurs who aren’t getting love from quality writers, perhaps it would be best for you to check your contents before it’s too late. “Content is King”, as almost everybody on the Web is saying is now an accepted fact nowadays.
  • Questionable Credibility – another reason why guest writers are hesitant in writing articles for your website is because of credibility issues. If you want to get people to write on your website, make sure that you have a credible online site to start with. Credibility is among the top factors that affects whether a writer would write for you or not. Websites that are credible have better chances on recruiting top caliber writers to write for them. The same is true with offline business, who would like to associate with a firm with a shady background. If you want to succeed join the successful group.
  • Inconsistency – being consistent is quite challenging especially when it comes to providing quality contents. You don’t just accept any kind of articles from guest bloggers. You must have a set of rules which include among others that all blogs that will be posted are consistent with your Website’s topic. It would be inconsistent to post medical articles if your site is about construction. Make sure to have consistency all the way through.

In conclusion, being aware of what prevents writers from dropping by and writing articles on your website is a huge plus for your online pages. Addressing these issues will help you become more successful in attracting writers to write for you and your website for free as guest bloggers.

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