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Ways to announce pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a gift to many young women who are however at times surprised by their sudden state and need to break the news to someone close to them. The best way would be to tactful and gentle as the news could be somewhat upsetting despite it being also a great gift to the recipients. The simplest way to do so would be simply to exclaim with all your might that you are pregnant and wait for the reaction which should differ depending on your skillful delivery of the news.

A blessing in disguise

Why does it matter? Why would you fear announcing things that should be a cause for joy and instant relief and not something to be fearful of? Obviously the joy would mix with fear concerning the new beginning of life that you are responsible for, and, admittedly, for some men it would be too incomprehensible at first that they are now about to become fathers. It is mostly about the fear of coping with the new responsibility for someone else which in many respects is more frightening because the new limits come to be imposed on their freedom. So many people are today most disdainful towards parenting and would never allow their partners rear a child, which often ends in a forced decision of abortion.

A great gift of life

This is a great and one time opportunity for those who are seeking meaning in life. But while you could be certain about your wish to bear a child, your partner would not necesarily be as joyful at first. It would be therefore beneficial to introduce him as softly as possible to the world of the new and the world of the change. This is what you could do without much preparation as you surely know your partner’s vulnerable side. When it comes to other people, including your parents, things could look different when you think about breaking the news to them. How could you go about it? Perhaps it would be more preferrable if you did not announce it over the phone, only in some other way, for example, by coming over with a pre-planned visit. This way it would be a cause for a celebration and enjoyment with a new life that enters your close knit unit.

Cherish the life

Once the exhilaration phase subsides it often gives way to the apprehension of the future responsibilities and the baby and mother’s health. The best way would be to keep calm in all the circumstances that allow you to gain some perspective. The more relaxed and self assured you remain the better it would be for the sake of your relationship and the ties between you and your baby.

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