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Ways to a man’s heart

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Is there a straight way into a man’s heart or is it more like a winding road with skewed road signs that purposedly misguide you about the aim of the journey? How can you win the heart of a man who never looks your way? How can you reach the goals that are set along the road before he finally ends up in your arms as if he was a little boy?

The romantic notions

A romanticized notion of love could prompt many people to act on unreasonably taxing belief that they have to go to great lengths in order to reach the phase where they can make their man of their dreams sweep off his feet or to the point where he falls to the ground growling at their feet.

Although rivarly is a common thing among men, the similar notion of a woman fighting for her chosen lover’s heart is a totally different occurrence. Should she become relentless in her pursuit of a man of her life, like a tigress that tracks down and re-emerges from the shadows in order to claim her prey or just employ other techniques that bring him to her legs, whimpering like a puppy, is still a matter of further discussion and mostly is determined by the personal needs and the matter of temperament. If you are about seducing your would-be partner then perhaps you would not mind any way that would serve as a sweet entrapment that a few men can effectively oppose.

While most men are as simple as you may guess it does not mean that they cannot appreciate the subtlety of your approach. One way would be to become irresistibly seductive in your approach to life filled with laughter. In life full of difficult moments you would have to remember about having the stamina that also upholds your strong image of a woman that cannot be kept as a souvenir or is not only a trophy wife but a personage with a decisive slant towards independence and appetite for life. Unfortunately even strong men often exude a fear of women who act in a manner that resembles men more than women, at least in their eyes, so you cannot forget the feminine aspect to your personality in order to play down the strength of the character and become more vulnerable when you need to. In a sense becoming an actress would be the greatest asset that you possess and you can check your influence on the man that you seek to make your own. That magic vibe and mix of signals, both emotional and physical would be the perfect quality to attract men that value honesty, intelligence, pearly laughter and some dependence with the tinge of vulnerability added for the major effect. In the end a fully rounded personality is what is needed for a complete picture.

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