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Take Good Care of Yourself

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Now that the spring arrived women are coming out with pale unhealthy complexions and puffy eyes and wrinkled faces. What do you need to look into to check if you are doing fine or pehaps you are overworked and strained by the dry air from radiators, insuficient sleep and loads of stress? If you are helped by a short spell in a spa and a number of massages, that would mean that indeed, a healthy brain occupies the inside of a tired body. That would suggest you could benefit from a nice long walk or a bike trip. What are the other ways to make the most of the healthy lifestyle?


Get a blood test if you are feeling funny, with inexplicable symptoms that cannot be chalked up to your lifestyle such as hives, numbness, brittle nails, hair falling out, hot flashes and so on. We are talking here about women that have passed the magic and undesirable threshold of the age of 30 or are approaching, although those symptoms might occur with virtually anyone at any age.

Check up

Consult a doctor to see if you should treat any of the underlying illnesses first so that you have to keep them under control. However some illnesses such as low blood pressure are nothing that could be controlled apart from getting enough sleep every day, taking care of your diet, with a particular emphasis on physical activity.

As it turns out, taking supplements without consulting your GP might easily deteriorate your liver’s functioning, and in women over 50, excessive vitamin supplementing may lead to premature death even. With supplements it is best to save your hard earned cash and keep it for better food products from the top shelf or some early beautifying products and treatments instead of heavy make-up and similar ideas.

Diet Overview

No one tells you to reduce your diet to water and lettuce only, but watching what you are eating makes some sense while not having to be associated with immense pain at seeing how your favourite snacks and sweets tempt you to make some close friendship. What you need to do is to avoid torturing your body and mind with unneccessary tactics that would sooner or later backfire leading to binge eating sessions, especially in times of undue stress and mounting life obstacles. Once you stick to a certain pattern and simply reduce your cravings for sweet by getting a sweetened taste tea, increasing the mineral water intake, and yes, occasionally, just indulge yourself, when hanging out with friends or by going solo to town to find some new inspiration of sorts. If you are finding too hard to refuse an invitation to yet another cake, join the gym and like minded individuals and stick to that no matter what. A refusal to eat anything caloris might bring out a smile on someone’s face but when you back it up with the doctor’s statement, then you should do fine.

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