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Should Fasting Become Part of Your Lifestyle?

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We are typically prone to dismiss the views we believe weird or those that go against our own nature. Fasting may be one of those beliefs that you would quickly shrug off, but is sacred for others. You may be irrevelent in your attitude towards it, but that is uncalled for behavior. The question is rather why some are driven towards fasting while others see it as unneccessary.

Fads and Illnesses

Like with any kind of fad diet, fasting may be seen as a quick qay to lose your weight to squeeze yourself into a new summer dress. A quick loss of fat is a murder to your muscles and generates folds of flabby skin, depending on your age. As early as in your mid-thirties, you are strongly advised to consult your doctor first, and only later, try out anything of that sort. Fasting and reliance on water only are typically recommended when you have gone down with food poisoning. That is where you help your body restore its strength and flush out bacteria. Even here, you should start slowly on the liquid foods, so the period of going without the food should not take more than 1 or two days at most, depending on the severity of your condition.

An Individual Basis for Fasting

While some things may not be recommended for you some other people may believe that they would actually benefit from refraining from, or at least, reducing some of the food they normally prefer to eat. Many of those are driven by the need to experiment with their own bodies or follow someone’s example. You may have in your mind an image of monks who meditate for hours with little need for sleep feeding mostly on water and bread. You may be curious about the whole thing or just heard that it has worked wonders for someone close to you and you are willing to give it a try.

Some will go as far as to feast for more than a week, by following a regimen, and would claim that their energy levels have gone up. You can actually achieve that with more exercise and proper nourishment, without depleting your body’s natural sources of energy.

Religious Reasons

As a follower you need to fast for some time and by now you know how your body reacts. Those who have trained their bodies from an early age are better suited to longer stretches of time spent fasting, as millions of religious followers cannot be ultimately wrong or necessarily ill.

Even if you are used to fasting since early years, be aware that with time you may find it detrimental to your overall health. Always check with your health provider for more details.

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