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Radical Acceptance?

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Some people cannot take it anymore fed up with life. What is left for them to do if they are fatally ill or nearing the end of their tether? It is unimaginable for those of us who are happily thriving or perhaps surviving but not really suffering or suffering but in comparison to those who are in a close encounter with death they do not even hold a candle. What would you do, the question is, if you just cannot escape the fate life has brought you, and you cannot live the way you want should taking your own life be the only chance for you to feel you show that fate a middle finger, to put it blindly? Far from that, when it comes to the awareness that keen and blunt minds possess, you know when certain things are coming to an end, so how you end your life, how you keep your dignity, that is what should matter, if you cannot trick the fate any longer.

What Would You Do Then?

If you saw your days are numbered? Perhaps you would take the time to say goodbye around you or let go of grudges and give those remaining days a good effort to die in peace. Radical acceptance is the idea that by accepting everything, no matter how painful or hideous, we become free and set our spirits free as well despite the pain and mistreatment from frauds and even, yes, family or so called friends. It is the realization that you are just a visiting guest in this world, that you should be grateful for the life you have had, even if that was too short anyway, and live those final moments with an increased awareness amidst the acute pangs of pain soothed only to some extent by new doses of morpine. If you are blessed with a great circle of family then you can jointly celebrate the memories you were lucky to have before the nightmare you have been living for some time now and let go of them and of everything you have, again setting them and yourself free. How impossible that sounds, how harsh it must be to hear and yet it is so liberating, so pure, but for those who are suffering the unbearable pain, which is too hard to imagine or feel for a healthy person, you might achieve the liberation of your soul and mind by finding layers of peace within. Through that suffering, doused with doses of medicine, that does not let you sleep at night only howl for mercy, you reach the stage when you are alright to leave the world behind and onto another reality. You create that present reality of forgiveness and understanding despite the pain, for yourself and your closest relatives, and you leave them behind, trusting they may be well while you are gone from the surface of this world. Words no more.

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