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Job Burnout Symptoms

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Anyone gets stressed in their job when working under pressure in a fast paced environment. However, you would benefit from learning which of your symptoms actually match the evidence that would signify profile of a burnt out person.

While stress is your daily staple as you run errands all their long having to face customers on a daily basis, the burnout is not as much imminent as you may think, but it could be in the making. What is the difference between stress and burnout?

Are you overstressed?

Burnout means you no longer have any resources to deal with too much stress that is work related, leading to apathy, dejection, despondence and frustration. Even elevated levels of stress can be devasting to your well being, the burnout is the penultimate stage. What is only worse is your premature death. The burnout effects can be acutely experienced in any other areas of your life, including relationships.

The Reasons

    • Lack of work-leisure balance

It is a common complaint when people give their work too much, with their batteries utterly depleted. Also, when you strive for the best, but there is little recognition for your efforts, and in general, your energy is channelled the way you see no exact results or get no perks, then you may be easily dismayed and rolling for the burnout’s early stage.

    • Too much work

Then it gets even better. Work overload can burn your brain’s circuitry down to the last connection. Perhaps you chose work to carry the badge of an eager beaver with pride only to see yourself grow into a ghost that knows no life and needs no life on its own. Perhaps you sell yourself short or escape into the workplace as a haven against the emotional demands of everyday life.

    • Perfectionistic tendencies

You could value your own professionalism and perfectionalism but they are just shortcuts to a disaster possibly already in the making.

    • The circumstances

Perhaps you had no other choice than to go for that particular job which gets the best of you and leaves you with little else to rely on.

Get Help ASAP

Please see the following symptoms and tick off those which fit your current mental and emotional state.

  • You have grown impatient/angry/frustrated/exhausted/spiteful/depressed/reckless
  • You have no external source of support
  • Your health is deteriorating of late
  • You began to abuse other people or substances

In any case, do not tell yourself that things will come to pass. You need to stop and make a U-turn even though it is not what you wanted to hear. Take care of yourself now!

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