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Inner Dictators

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You have the one, we all have the inner dictator that prompts us to take a superior look down on the others and act impulsively when we do not get our way. Most often than not, that tendency to gain the upper hand allows us full control over the events and people. Those most intelligent of us would simply crack the code of our behavior to see what makes us tick and behave accordingly to push us into the right place. Influencing others is nothing short of normal, quite normal in fact. We are driven by our needs since the early times as babies when we cannot yet dictate anything, although some might perceive us as obnoxious creatures that through screaming and crying impact those giant creatures whose behavior can make or break our lives.

How to Recognize the Demonic Dictator

The DD is a cunning part of our egoistic personality that thrives when people around seem less clever or at least we perceive them this way, which we absolutely love. Catch that moment when you are gloriously unaware that you are mistreating someone, albeit in a relatively delicate manner, by making a number of snide remarks or pretending to be a good listener, while you do not care one bit what the other person thinks, believes or feels. We conjure up the images of ourselves as being perfectly normal and attuned but beneath this surface our DD just cannot rest still and is ready to make a jump at the throat of those who are nearby if they give you a reason. That is a tad far fetched but what really matters is that you have to recognize that you are not absolutely free from the demands of that little puppetmaster that wants to pull people’s strings and make a show to its liking.

Reverse The Role

It is hard to say really whether a dictator can be removed, probably not entirely as it is deeply entrenched within your system. A life long training of influencing others at their expense is an addictive lifestyle that you can hardly imagine to dispense with. It could be hard to be on the lookout for the dictator in action all the time that prevents us from granting other people enough freedom for fear or for pure pleasures of knowing who is the king in the rooster or the iron lady with an iron fist.

Nevertheless, a little dictator should be tamed and controlled if you want to keep relations with people as smooth as possible. Smooth would mean problem free which is obviously impossible, and at times the dictator could save your skin, if you just bare your teeth slightly without biting anyone, just marking your territory. Sarcasm is useless, but helps distance you from the other people. In any case be mindful of your dictator and keep it in check.

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