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Have You Tried Massage Therapy, Yoga and Reiki

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The present economic crisis has brought untold sufferings and miseries to many people around the world. It has caused stress and anxiety-related diseases and physical imbalances. Even the costs of synthetic drugs are not within their easy reach and many are resorting to natural approaches to control stress.

One of these alternative medicines is massage therapy. Others are resorting to Yoga and Reiki that are also becoming popular as they provide respite from the effects of stress and tension of everyday living. The economic crisis of 2007 until this current year has continuously inflicted many of its debilitating effects on the physical condition of the people. While before, the patronage of massage therapy is on a limited basis, today both men and women are all trekking to the massage parlors and spas to seek relief from their tension and stress.

Massage Therapy in a Month

More and more people have discovered the healing benefits of a regular massage therapy session. It reduces recurring bouts of anxiety and improves blood circulation. It relieves the body of muscle tension. It has been discovered that it lowers blood pressure after a calming massage session. A regular visit to the massage parlor at least once a month is good for your body. There are now several massage parlors or spas within your locality that offers varieties of packages that you can choose from according to your requirements.

Yoga, another Stress Buster

Deep breathing, one of the techniques used in Yoga is a good aid for total body fitness after having a massage session. Yoga has been a favorite choice to relieve stress. It tones the body and with a mastery of deep breathing, control of respiration in times of stress is achieved. It protects the hearth and other parts of the body from the impact of the effects of anxiety.

Just like massage therapy, the practice of yoga is also attributed to the lowering of blood pressure. Many claims that it improves personal mood, provides good immunity from illness specifically gastrointestinal issues. In most cases, it has been noted that digestive and gastrointestinal problems, erratic blood pressure and poor immune system are stress related. And for this reason, a great majority is relying on yoga to seek solution to put stress on check with all its attendant negative physical effects. As yoga is a form of exercise, it bears an attribute of being a cure to anxiety. It has been proven in several studies that aerobic exercise done regularly can reduce the cortisol level of an individual. Similarly, regular exercise increases the feel good hormones like serotonin. And stress is its vital enemy as this serotonin is greatly reduced when the patient is subjected to recurring anxieties.

Reiki, the Japanese Way to De-stress

People are discovering other new natural alternatives to heal and relax their bodies. The Japanese has popularized Reiki for the past several years. The therapist moves his healing power over the patient body through mild hand touch on the body parts affected. Aside from healing the body of physical illness, Reiki has been known as a meditation medium to relax the mind and the body as well.

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