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Have You Chosen The Right Massage Oils?

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While many think that massage and spa parlors have their own preferred massage oils for their customers, it is always good that you know the right massage oil for your skin. A little researching is necessary so that you will not only enjoy every massage session with your therapist, but will derive the most health benefits from every use of massage oil. Most massage oils that are extracted from herbs and vegetables have their own individual therapeutic properties that are beneficial to the health of every customer of massage therapy. When comparison is made between these various massage oils, you will discover that all oils have their own nutrient and mineral contents.

In using various types of massage oils, there are many alternative media that you can apply. You may choose the best applicable among the natural massage oils. The preferences could be done on how the extraction was made. There are those that utilize the cold compress method. This approach preserve the natural properties of extracted oils and are more preferred than those similar oils that were extracted by different methods. Listed hereunder are some of the most common favorites among the many massage oils being used by massage and spa centers all over the globe?

  • Grape seed oil- this type of massage oil is popular because it contains vital fatty acid called linoleic acid. It is well known for its regenerating attributes that rejuvenates the skin that brings about a healthy and younger appearance. This feature makes it one of the most common massage oils preferred to be used especially by the adult group who seek oil that would aid them in promoting their youthful physical appearance. Despite its minimal content of vitamin E, this deficiency is complemented by possessing minerals, vitamins, protein and GLA which are not present on the other most commonly used types of massage oils
  • Almond oil-sweet almond oil is one of the several types of oils extracted from nuts. Such kind of nut based oil contains a texture that is slightly oily which provides a smooth skin surface that would make gliding and hand maneuvering a little bit easy and comfortable to both therapist and customer. This type of oil moisturizes and softens the derma and provides a younger looking effect on the skin. Almond oils are cheaper since therapist don’t use them regularly due to their slow absorption by the body. Although it attracts many customers due to its nutty aroma that sticks and leaves a good scent on the skin, it should be avoided by people that have allergies. This is not also recommended for people who have sensitive skin as it will contribute to a bad skin condition if exposed to it.
  • Apricot kernel oil-this is the opposite of almond oil. It has no negative effect to those having skin allergies and sensitive skin. It is safe to use and there are side effects that would complicate skin problems. Aside from lubricating oil, it is also utilized in calming and relieving the body of inflammations.

If you know the difference of these various massage oils, then you‘ll have the complete pleasure after each massage session if you have chosen the best oil for you.

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