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Hate Being a Wife?

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Repetitive days. Each day is the same and it goes for hours on end with the daily chores that you need to go about, and errands to see to, until finally you drop dead on your pillow next to your partner in crime.

Then you are not feeling as sexy as you did ever before. You get tangled in daily chores, you slowly lose yourself in them, in the magnetic embrace of hours ticking off, that could be put to better use perhaps. Instead you are like a living version of a clockwork orange, around a clock, feeling like a wind-up toy that gets little in return.

Whoever Hates Being a Wife Is Misguided

So they told you life would be a bed of roses. They sang about it, they were paid to sing about it to reach a young girl’s heart and blindfold her eyes. And they sang about love too. That it would move mountains. All of that is true. But if you are a wife or a wife and a housewife to boot you may be feeling that resentment building up. Something is missing from your life and the passage of time only serves to accentuate that missing part. Is the love ingredient missing? What are you needing to recover? Are you looking wistfully towards the greener pastures that other people have but you can never put your foot on them? Are you dreaming about princely ways and royal treatments that you never have had a chance to experience first hand?

How could you be so naive to think you need the outside world to tell you what you need to think about yourself? Yes it is true that we all respond to the world that reacts to us in many ways, but it does not suggest we have to take those words for granted. You became a wife because the world had told you getting married is a great way to changing your life. But it has become a chore. It needs that watering, it needs that firing up. It takes too much work, perhaps you work it too much. The insatiable is inside you. It is showing. You want more but it is deeply asleep and only waking up, you want a life, and not a prison. No one told you that being with someone is at times like a prison? It is only natural, bit when there is enough love and support from the other party, you are not surfing the web to pound out those words that scream to the world that you hate being a wife.

Reawaken to Life

See the life in its abundance of colors and wants. Your chores can be less of a burden when you are treated with dignity and respect. Your choices matter and your opinions are valid too. Become the truth and reveal it to the world.

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