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Finding Salvation

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The trio of the body, mind and soul works in unison or a union when everything is perfectly synchronised. Even despite the times of a serious crisis, thousands of us who are lucky to have a job, we could attempt to excel to make our life more meaningful and beautiful, though any change should start with ourselves. Who do you see in the mirror? Mostly people would contemplate their overlong necks, crooked noses and teeth, with firm belief deep inside, that any physical change would translate into a better mood, and that would lead to a lasting serotonine rush, which would again translate as happiness. While it is true that is much better to be rich and beautiful, those people are also going to be experiencing loss and bitterness of life in many cases. On the other hand, there is no escape from deluding ourselves that biology or pesky nature is a major player that to a large extent determines our lives and well being. The question of the nurture, on the other hand, is also at play here, but what it only means is the skills and abilities received from both of your parents.

Yield and Be Humble

Once you hit the wall and the biology’s glass ceiling, you have two options to choose from, either freeze or run for your life and die beautifully squashed against the glass. Freezing could mean you are being driven instead of driving your life forward, with all its unpleasantness, deceit and disappointment. Unfortunately, thousands of people have nowhere to run or hide or squash against which explains an increase in suicidal tendencies and wretchedness of human existence. Doing the things that you love would be the first step to liberation from life’s misery and overall suffering, but not everyone is endowned with enough luck in life and talent to barge head on, considering that for every job post thousands are awaiting, and a number of talented people is ever on the increase.

Most people look for alternatives to the miserable lives that are leading by forging true friendships based on loyalty and mutual understanding, which is almost a cliche, when somebody mentions another person in the passing, calling them a friend. True friends are critically important to our lives, sometimes literally, when they extend a helping hand to offer support when it is a matter of life and death, but also help stay us longer alive, as the research shows. That is even a more important factor than being physically and mentally healthy fit and following a strict diet, not too mention the question of those genes your parents and previous generations have blessed you with.

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