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Customer Service Through the Use of Social Media

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Social media has become a permanent part of our lives. Even businesses are using it. In the past it was not easy for consumers to communicate their complaints, inquiries, and questions. It was frustrating to get a customer service personnel that you can talk to after waiting through unending voicemail prompts, until social media came into the field.

The New Trend

For many customer related businesses, providing efficient and effective customer service is one of the major challenges. It is very crucial especially to small and medium enterprises (SME) who may have a limited staff to provide customer service. The new trend of using social media, opens a lot of new opportunities to improve customer service. Businesses now use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to deliver customer service and even increases the degree of engagement they are devoting to their customers.

Growing Numbers of Social Media Users

Every day there is a growing number of people who use social media sites. They view it as an easy platform of communication with their families, friends and even using it to address their concerns. Customers also think that using social media is much better than calling customer service since it offers much efficient and real time solutions to their concerns. With all that, it makes sense to businesses to start managing their customer service with the use of social media.

Setting Up

Small businesses may just use Facebook while other big businesses should also seek the use of Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Whatever type of businesses you are and regardless of how many social media sites you are using, always remember that maintaining it is very vital. It is not enough that you set up social media sites for your customer service it is important that you maintain it regularly.

It is a must to give real time solutions to majority of messages or tweets you received from customers. You may want to start using only one social media platforms like Twitter and set standards such as replying to tweets or direct messages within an hour or less. After establishing it, you may opt to add another social media site to manage your customer service such as Facebook or Pinterest.

Dedicated Team

You still need to assign some people to run your social media sites. They are the people who can quickly deal with any complaints and concerns. This means that your customers will still receive the best customer service since there are dedicated people who are knowledgeable enough to deal with their specific concerns. This dedicated team can be your own staff or you can outsource this service.

Keep an Eye

Social media may seem to be a very efficient way to manage your customer service but it may also ruin your reputation. Since managing your customer service through the use of social media is very public, one wrong move and it will definitely go viral. So you must keep an eye on every issues or complaints. Make sure to address customers even if you don’t have the solution yet.

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