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Can’t Stand Being Told What to Do?

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In other words, you believe that only yours is the right way and no one else’s. Perhaps you have always branded yourself as a kind of rebel who values and approves of your own choices only. What you pay attention to matters ony. You know you are bright and so the rest of the world can really go to waste with their inane advice and inability to reason properly. Who knows you would like to change that attitude, but you have come to like it about yourself, or, in reverse, it is ruining your life and your relationships, but you feel you are being mistreated and abused as an innocent bystander. All in all, if you can’t stand being told what to do, but it has started to grate on your nerves, and many of people you know have pulled back, including your latest siginificant other, it may be that you finally realized the times call for a change on your part.

Headstrong and Esteem Issues

You can be approached with enough patience, in which you are lacking, and that is the long and short of it. Your manner of dealing with the world could be attributed to your temperamental issues and proneness to quick outbursts of anger, which easily abates, but it is difficult to manage, if nothing more than a sparkle is sufficient to set you off.

Other than your nature of a quick tempered individual, your upbringing also plays a pivotal role here, and with age, your nature becomes more like one of your parent’s, whether you like it or not. Some of the patterns we inherit are more or less pronounced but they grow stronger as we age.

Most people have this difficulty of dealing with any kind of criticism that is directed either by their inability to grasp certain concepts or mistakes they make, or any perceived shortcoming. We defend the ego, or rather, the ego defends itself this way, when someone hits our raw nerve. Funny how it is hard to avoid the impulse and stretch the split second in order to become less reactive. That reactivity is also inborn and learnt. It hinges on our own view of ourselves, our pride or our shame, overly high or low esteem. It is extremely difficult to admit that we indeed have committed a major mistake, or worse, failed to learn from it. Logically, we cannot be always right, can we? Or do you believe yourself to be infallible at everything at all times? Something does not add up here, Watson. That means you could be wrong on some accounts, even on all of them, even all your life, by wading waist deep into the muddy waters.

Too Much Self Love

How we see ourselves is projected to others through our narrative and those moments when we explode in a fit of rage when things do not go to our liking. We barely tolerate others’ incompetence and yet we fail to see our own shortcomings. That is an elevated state of self love. While it is good to commend yourself on good deeds, you could benefit from a short therapy to cut other people some slack.

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